There was once an innkeeper here called Giles Cannard, who was involved in sheep stealing, robbery and highway theft. He was also known as Tom Kennard or Tom the Taverner. When he was discovered plotting to steal common land, a lynch mob set out in pursuit of him. The account was that Cannard had laid hands on a document that entitled him to this land and much wealth. Merchants from Frome and Shepton Mallet disputed this, and as in the manner of those lawless days, went after him. He was terrified by the approaching mob and hung himself. Later, a gravedigger buried his body at the crossroads with a stake through his heart. His own pub has long since gone. However, the Cannard's Grave pub, now The Well Inn used to have a inn sign with a painted corpse upon it. Cannard's ghost has manifested on many occasions in the pub. One of the first reports of this inn being haunted came from the Rev. H. Allen, Rector of Shepton Mallet. He wrote 'The soul could not rest and frequently visits the scene of its former abode while in the flesh." There are local legends of the Devil visiting a woman living in nearby caves, with offering a Faustian bargain. When she reneged on it, the Devil came for her. The shapes of the hooves of his great horse are seen in the cave, from whence reporters have heard him screaming.